Thursday, February 19, 2015

The right way

I want to hit on doing things the right way aka making hay when the sun shines. We had things work exactly as they should yesterday and I want to brag on our guys for making it happen. I would love to take credit but I didn't even know about until they were almost done. We had a customer come in- he had been pushing snow and maybe a steel line had gone to leaking and since the operator asked if pushing snow would hurt it maybe it was operator error. Who knows? Doesn't matter- he needs to move snow NOW. We pulled it into our shop and jumped on it- pulled the rear wheel off, fabricated a line to replace the broken one and had it back at work ASAP. If it was going to take a couple of days waiting for a part it would have cost the owner a chunk of lost business. I tip my hat to Jack, JC, David and whoever else had a hand- good job guys. Thanks to them and thanks to you for reading. Charles

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