Friday, March 6, 2015

What tractor is this? We get a lot of calls from people that are unsure about exactly what tractor they have. I will try to help out with some basic info and hopefully follow up with more in-depth info later. The first question is who made your tractor? This confusion comes from the similarity of older Ford and Ferguson tractors. Ford “borrowed” the 3 point hitch system from Ferguson and some Ford tractors actually say “The Ferguson System” on them. However- when it comes to parts Ford is NOT the same as Ferguson. So- first of all find the name on the tractor. Now here's some info to narrow that down- We like to ask everyone “ How do you put gas in it?” There are 3 likely answers that really have to do with the hood. 1- I open a little door in the hood that opens from the front to put gas in- that's an N series. 2- The hood opens from the side and I put gas in. That's a 53-64. 3-I don't open the hood the filler neck is in the cowl/panel. That's a 65 up. That usually gets us in the ballpark to get the correct parts. OK now N-series breakdown. The first thing to remember is these tractors were built a long time ago. Many a swap could have been done over the years because it all pretty much swaps back and forth. You really can't do anything about the past so here are some guidelines: If it is a 3 speed transmission it is a 2N or 9N, 4 speed is a 8N. If it has a small bolt circle on the front wheels- about 6 inches it is a 8N, bigger- about 12 inches means 2N, 9N. The radius rod which is the long arm that runs from about your foot to the front axle I beam style- pre 1944, oval tube- after 1944. Crazy looking impossible to get to front distributor- 1939-1950. More normal looking side mount distributor- 1950-1952. OK- gotta run to the Big City. I will be back with more of "Name that Tractor" later. Thanks Charles