Friday, February 13, 2015

02/16/2015 Diesel Fuel- Again

Last time we talked about running out of diesel fuel in your New Holland tractor- actually easily detected, easily prevented and hopefully easily solved. Today let's check on the issue of something as simple as water in the fuel. This can start a whole chain of troubles no matter if you are working on a Massey Ferguson, Deere, Kubota, or even any other diesel motor
As always a reminder about safety. These are powerful machines that can hurt you or worse. Safety glasses are always a good idea- nothing like a little diesel in the eye. Read that owners manual for even more safety info. We can get you a New Holland or Ford tractor manual if you need it.

The first and most obvious issue is the motor will not burn water. This is not that big a deal because a little water won't make a difference to the running of the engine. The problem is what happens to the water before it gets to the engine. If it is below freezing those little droplets of ice sometimes will move through the system until they find something to freeze to- often another little piece of ice. Those little droplets keep sticking together until they block something at best or freeze and break something expensive at worst. So- how do you fix that problem? Unfortunately the only answer is heat. You have to melt that ice to get it going again. I don't know of anything you can add to the fuel to thaw that ice. Now- Mama used to say “an ounce of prevention” well you know where that's going. There are lots of different chemicals that claim to remove water and they work to varying degrees. We recommend “Diesel 911”, “Stabil Diesel” or “Valvtect Bioguard” These are some of the most popular diesel chemicals and that usually means they work. Of course the best way is never let water get in there. How? Real clean fuel and keep it full. Water can condense in a fuel tank from the atmosphere but the less atmosphere in the tank the less condensation. The other issue with water is growing things in your fuel. Yep, life is possible, even likely, in diesel but generally only where there is water present. Those same chemicals also claim to be a “biocide” which means it kills life. So to sum it up- keep your diesel fuel clean and full and you will minimize your problems. Oh-I almost forgot, your storage tank at home or your suppliers tank can have problems too. The best bet is to buy your fuel from somewhere that sells a lot of it so at least it starts out clean. OK happy snowplowing and here's to real dirt plowing and Spring. Thanks, Charles- Surry Equipment

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